Cute snow boots

It was raining today in Ann Arbor, and all I wanted was for it to snow instead - it's a much prettier walk than rain with a suede tote bag & no umbrella.  Which then got me thinking about the oh-so-dreaded dilemma I have yet to solve: what am I going to do about snow boots???  Find cute new ones, of course!

Spool 72 Alpine Snow Boots - I love these. Functional without being too chunky.

Sperry Hingham Boot  - Has the feel of a rainboot, but without the full-calf stiffness. Great to wear if you walk to work!

Sperry Shearwater Boot - All the time, dependable, classic, done.

Pajar Gianna Boot - Definitely distinctive & stylish!


Christmas Playlist

Hip Hip Gin Gin posted a a merry little Christmas playlist, and we look the liberty of creating it for you on Grooveshark!  Follow this link to play: A Merry Little Playlist

(and a pretty Christmas desktop background)


New Rue is out!

I just love Rue. So full of fun inspiration, color, wonderful pictures, and happiness. 


Fun Holiday Video!

Check out this super adorable video from Madewell! It's interactive and fun, and of course, full of great outfit combos.

I got exciting news today.

My day has been filled with lots of positive kinds of these: 

A big dream-come-true thing is going to happen! No details yet, but there will be lots to share soon-ish.

Enjoy the Schoolhouse Rock.

Also, 10 things 90s kids will have to explain to their children.

Project New Apartment: Kitchens!

So update on Project New Apartment: I found THE ONE but am not likely to get it. Sad. I hate when I just barely miss things.

But anyway, must move on & not get too attached. So we go on to talking about kitchens! I'm feeling very inspired by these lovely masterpieces lately.

Oh, yum. This is the front runner. It's got the deep navy walls I've been dreaming about, fantastic copper accents, and it will work well with already installed white appliances. 

So cute and great.

But as much as I love the industrial-rustic chic kitchen look, I can't get this retro mint color off my mind - I think an oven this color would be so adorable. Can one paint an oven? Hmm...