Our Favorites from Saturday

Have you seen the new Saturday line from Kate Spade?  We are swooning over everything - but here are some of our favorites:


Ombre Eggs & Breakfast for the week

Friday became Egg Dyeing day - and I put myself to the task of making ombre eggs.  It's been done by a few bloggers already, like here and here, but my goal was to achieve an ombre effect on one egg without the lines.  

The first step to dyeing eggs is hard boiling them - which is very simple!  Cover your eggs by about a half inch of water.  Bring to a boil, then remove from heat for 10 minutes.  Run eggs under cold water to stop the cooking process - then you're done!

I stuck to monotone colors, while R maize-and-blue'd his out to show his Michigan pride during their March Madness run (are you watching the basketball craziness?).

My method was to keep the eggs moving in the dye so that they didn't get lines - that didn't work perfectly, but there was a gradient effect.  I like how each egg turns out differently.  And now I have a dozen hard boiled eggs for breakfast for the rest of the week! 


Home Creative Spaces

Do you have an area in your home for being creative?  I have a small sewing table in my living room, I’m thinking this area will be a great easy home update to refresh my inspiration for the spring.

Here are some home creative workspaces that are inspiring me:


Sessun Spring Collection

Saw these beautiful looks from the French label Sessun- they are making me crave simple, effortless spring fashion.


Spring, Officially

Happy spring!  While it feels like we have a long way to go yet (it's 11 degrees as I type this in Minneapolis), here's to hoping for a beautiful spring to arrive quickly!



Happy Birthday, S!

Happiest of birthdays to my sister, best friend, role model, and all-around coolest person I know.  You have accomplished so much, and you make it all look easy.  Enjoy your birthday and have the most wonderful 26th year imaginable!  


Paper Flowers

I stopped into West Elm this weekend and saw the most beautiful paper flowers.

They are so refreshing and uplifting for spring; and the durability of paper flowers means they'll be around for a long time!  Especially crushing over the white wreath - where do you think I could put it in my apartment? 


Pinterested: Hair

I have been keeping my eyes open for a great new hairstyle.  Pinterest has been a great place to look for inspiration.  Want to see what I have found so far?

Look for more hair inspiration on our Pinterest page


S's Birthday Lust List

It is so fun to have sister birthdays so close to one another.  We have always shared parties, enjoyed joint dinner celebrations, and talked over birthday wish lists together.  L just posted her birthday wishes, so I thought I would join her birthday fun and add my own.  Here are some birthday lusts!

Girls on DVD- I don't have a TV or cable, but I do have a computer! I love watching TV shows on my laptop.  I have been dying to see Girls since I saw the pilot, and would love to get into a new show.

Paris- Anyone with me? I'm planning on leisurely afternoons in the D'Orsay, baguette, cheese, and champagne picnics sitting outside, pretty Parisian styling, and plenty of cafe au lait with croissants.

I love simply spending time with those I love on special occasions.  Dinner (anything! could be fancy, could be simply bread, cheese and olives) paired with a bottle of champagne is sure to be a huge birthday success.

A Massage- I have been craving a massage for months.  A birthday is the perfect time to coax someone else into gifting a massage, right?

Dainty Jewelry- Remember the jewelry lust list I made last week? I'm still eyeing those gorgeous pieces, especially the arrow necklace, ampersand ring, and teeny tiny rose gold bands.

New Chambray- My sister gifted me a chambray shirt last year, and I have worn it to pieces.  Literally- there are gaping holes in each arm, and not in the fun distressed sort of way.  I wear them so much that a new shirt would definitely get plenty of attention.

Book of Mormon- A pre-birthday gift that is actually happening! Tomorrow I am seeing the Book of Mormon with my parents and some close family friends, preceded by a fun dinner.  I can't wait- what a fun way to celebrate with friends and family.


Au Naturale: Deodorant

I have been trying to go more natural with my cosmetic and grooming products.  Facial products and shower products have been quite easy, thanks to Queen Bee and Whole Foods.  But deodorant? That was one that just kept failing for me.

As I looked for a natural deodorant, my requirements were 1) keeping me clean and fresh all day, 2) all natural and healthful ingredients made in a way that is friendly to the environment, and 3) continued protection, even during runs and hot yoga.  Turns out this was a tall order.

First I tried Tom's natural deodorant.  I love the Tom's brand toothpaste, but the deodorant just did not work for me.  I even did a midday run to the drugstore for some new deodorant because I was so self-conscious!  I know it works for some people, but Tom's just did not mesh with my body.

I had heard some good things about a crystal-based deodorant from a few sources that I trust.  So I decided to give it a try.  I found it at Whole Foods, but it is sold in most drug stores as well as online.  It was weird at first, since you need to wet the bar before applying, and also because it was a bit rough in texture.  Nothing uncomfortable, but not the smooth creamy stick I was used to.  Luckily, I loved it! It worked great for the whole day, even the first time I tried it (apparently some people need a "transition period" before it really works to its full potential).

I have been using crystal-based deodorant for a few months now, and am still happy with the results.  Though it sounds a bit unconventional and possibly weird, I am so glad I gave it a try! I feel so much more confident in applying a pure product rather than one that is laden with chemicals.  If you are looking for a natural deodorant, I highly recommend it!

Do you use a natural deodorant? What works for you?


Birthday Wish List

March is a great month - anticipating spring and nicer weather, and both S and my birthdays!  Here's what's on my wish list this year:

A Brooklyn Cruiser bike for getting about town - isn't it the cutest? 

A simple, beautiful, and always perfect silk blouse

Beautiful flats - My friend Beatrice just got these, and they are so pretty!

Anything from Queen Bee, our favorite skin care line.

My life to look like this every day :) 


Kate Spade City Guides

You know Kate Spade? Of course.  You know that Kate Spade has teamed up with travel experts to create city guides for 10 great cities world-wide? Yes! It's true! And they are great.

Check out the 10 city guides...

Of course I had to look into the highlights for Chicago! I think they hit it almost dead on.  They managed forget my lovely neighborhood of Lakeview... which obviously is a top Chicago hotspot :)

I am impressed that there is a nice mix of popular must-dos along with a few unknown, local-only sort of destinations.

Take a look at the Chicago Itinerary...


"eventually, i think chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world." —frank lloyd wright

and who's to say it isn't already there. no more talk of second city inferiority complexes—not when chicago is outpacing nyc and san francisco for its ambitious (and delicious) food scene, the boutiques rival those in la, the architecture is the stuff that other cities dream about, and the locals wouldn't rather be anywhere else.
chicago is all about its neighborhoods, which have distinct personalities, scenes, and world views. you might be staying downtown or in the gold coast, but to get a feel for the city, go wandering.


the scene: hipsters and foodies; indie boutiques and stunning victorian mansions.

the stops: granola from milk + honey. flowers at asrai gardenshop. doughnuts at the glazed and infused window across from the damen el stop. tacos at big star. dresses from penelope's. staring in the mansions on hoyne ave. 


the scene: every artist in town lives and works here.

the stops: gallery crawls on the 2nd friday of the month in the chicago arts district. inventive spa treatments at chocolate for your body. vintage clothing for men and women at knee deep. tres leches cake at kristoffer's cafe & bakery. dinner at hotspotnightwood. late nights and live music at honky tonk bbq. 


the scene: out with the meatpackers; in with the restaurants, cafes, and the people who love them.

the stops: evaluate tomorrow's art stars at packer schopf gallery. have a head-to-toe massage at spa space. channel the rolling stones in france at nellcĂ´te restaurant. unearth a vintage fashion treasure at decollage. find something nice for the living room at morlen sinoway atelier


the scene: college kids and yuppies, strollers and ladies who lunch.

the stops: zebras at the lincoln park zoogreen city markets on wednesday and saturday mornings. sweets from floriole and pizza from balena. theatrics at the wizard of oz-themed oz parksteppenwolf theatre and alinea restaurant. 


the scene: epicurians meet hipsters over the dinner table.

the stops: sunday brunch at lula cafe, followed by shopping at the logan square farmers market. cocktails, live music, and art at the whistler. gastropub fare and cozy hotel rooms at longman + eagle. nouveau yakitori at yusho. dumplings at urbanbelly. artisanal craft beers with a shot of political activism revolution brewing

I know I will be turning to Kate's expertise the next time I'm traveling (I'm voting for Tahiti).  Also, finding out about these travel guides coincides nicely with a new Merrimint project- city guides of our own! Stay tuned for our favorite eat/drink/sleep/shop moments of Minneapolis and Chicago.

Happy weekend!

Note: Kate Spade City Guide information and photos from the City Guide website.