Cute snow boots

It was raining today in Ann Arbor, and all I wanted was for it to snow instead - it's a much prettier walk than rain with a suede tote bag & no umbrella.  Which then got me thinking about the oh-so-dreaded dilemma I have yet to solve: what am I going to do about snow boots???  Find cute new ones, of course!

Spool 72 Alpine Snow Boots - I love these. Functional without being too chunky.

Sperry Hingham Boot  - Has the feel of a rainboot, but without the full-calf stiffness. Great to wear if you walk to work!

Sperry Shearwater Boot - All the time, dependable, classic, done.

Pajar Gianna Boot - Definitely distinctive & stylish!


Christmas Playlist

Hip Hip Gin Gin posted a a merry little Christmas playlist, and we look the liberty of creating it for you on Grooveshark!  Follow this link to play: A Merry Little Playlist

(and a pretty Christmas desktop background)


New Rue is out!

I just love Rue. So full of fun inspiration, color, wonderful pictures, and happiness. 


Fun Holiday Video!

Check out this super adorable video from Madewell! It's interactive and fun, and of course, full of great outfit combos.

I got exciting news today.

My day has been filled with lots of positive kinds of these: 

A big dream-come-true thing is going to happen! No details yet, but there will be lots to share soon-ish.

Enjoy the Schoolhouse Rock.

Also, 10 things 90s kids will have to explain to their children.

Project New Apartment: Kitchens!

So update on Project New Apartment: I found THE ONE but am not likely to get it. Sad. I hate when I just barely miss things.

But anyway, must move on & not get too attached. So we go on to talking about kitchens! I'm feeling very inspired by these lovely masterpieces lately.

Oh, yum. This is the front runner. It's got the deep navy walls I've been dreaming about, fantastic copper accents, and it will work well with already installed white appliances. 

So cute and great.

But as much as I love the industrial-rustic chic kitchen look, I can't get this retro mint color off my mind - I think an oven this color would be so adorable. Can one paint an oven? Hmm... 


My next sewing project & a realization

It's a good thing I find myself on an owl kick all of a sudden (see my Halloween costume), because look what the Pioneer Woman decided to inject into the crafts-to-distract-me-from-my-required-work part of my life.

So cute it hurts. And there's plenty more owl pillows where that one came from.

This has made me come to the realization that I absolutely need a dedicated Craft Table or Craft Corner or even Craft Room (I swoon) in Project New Apartment. This area for the expression of my creativity (read: crazy) must contain all sorts of fun things, like a ribbon organizer, knitting storage (it's happening - I can't find the perfect sweater this season, so I have to make my own of course. And a circle scarf), sewing machine, and tons and tons of cute wrapping paper, I measure my life by my exposure to cute wrapping paper. Exposé on wrapping paper coming soon.

Look what happened in P-dub's girls' new room! Look at that wooden table! Once again, I swoon. But it's the hanging ribbon rack that really does me in (right in the middle)

I'm thinking I'll just raid every flea market I can find in Minnesota to find the perfect antique desk to do the job. T-10 months.


MML's November Free Wallpaper

Download Here
Makeunder My Life's free November desktop wallpaper is now out - and this one is really speaking to me. What a great message as we move into one of the busiest times of the year.

Outside the Lines

A little mid-week happy for you!


Whooooo am I?

My DIY owl costume I spent pretty much all week sewing by hand (it's definitely time for a sewing machine...).  Happy Halloween!

when life gets you down

Rinksters are experiencing some unfortunate events. But I just got this nice reminder:

 "At times the world can seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe us when we say there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. And what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events, may, in fact, be the first steps of a journey."

For us, this will be a journey of change and adapting.


The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. 
- Walter Bagehot


Happy weekend

via Pinterest
What are you up to this weekend? I'll be going home, where a cookie-off and some shopping with my Mom will ensue.

Have a great one!


Fall uniform

Schoolboy blazer: H&M  Chambray shirt: Target  Pants: H&M  Boots: Target  Scarf: H&M  Bag: Dooney and Bourke
What I've been living in lately. Favorite blazer ever, favorite tote bag ever, and new favorite boots ever.


mini break

I had the most wonderful extra-long weekend in Minneapolis spending time with my love, seeing old friends & meeting new friends, and enjoying the tastes of fall. Counting the days until I get to go back (16 to be exact). Now back to work...


To tulip? Or Not to tulip?

Lately, I've caught a serious diseases.  The online shopping plague.  It's a big problem.  That's not what we're here to discuss today though.... today, it is tulip-back tops.  They have been increasing in popularity- they are being modeled by some of the top fashion blogs and sold by some of the trendiest shops.


It's a unique, new idea.  Having two draping panels, connected by the collar seam of the shirt.  It's innocent in its boxy silhouette, especially from the front, but just sexy enough in the back, showing off some skin.  Dare I say these shirts are the new definition of "business in the front, party in the back?"



So, what's the consensus? Are tulip-back tops the new "it" trend? The trouble is, how exactly do you wear them? It's a convenient and sweet part of a dress, as shown above.  As a top, it's a no-brainer to put it together with mid-rise cigarette pants, colored if possible.  When do you wear this cute new design? Definitely not an office or classroom appropriate style.  A bit too chilly as we get into the fall months... how can we best model this fun fashion?



Project New Apartment: Living Room Inspiration

via Pinterest
I really love the chevron rug, light couches, and dark walls in this image. I most likely won't have a fireplace, but the balance here is great.


Fresh Start

via Pinterest
After I finish up my degree in Michigan, I will be moving out to the warm, happy climate of... Minnesota. I have a feeling I will never escape the Midwestern climate. But seasons are worth it.
A fresh start means one major thing to me - a new apartment. I'm looking for apartment inspiration, but I have no idea what I want at this point (except for the dining room, but chances are I won't have one). I'll be posting things I love, trying to get a sense of the aesthetic I should go for. Any ideas?


Move. Learn. Eat.

I came across this amazing set of short films, showing the adventures of 3 traveling men over the course of 44 days, all boiled down to three verbs.  Move, learn, and eat.  I have been watching over and over again to try to catch every little detail! I would so trade in my new anthropologie blouse to tag along with these guys for a bit...






happy birthday, independent america.

The 4th of July flag cake was a hit! 
It worked!
 There's a flag inside!
 I feel proud.  It looks way more challenging than it is, though. All you do is make 4 8-inch cakes (1 blue, 1 white, and 2 red), flavor of your choice but make sure it's white to begin with.  Since you'll be spending time on the layering later, I recommend using a cake mix.  Cut a 4-inch circle out of the blue and set aside - you use the outer ring as the top left square of the flag.  The other 3 layers get sliced in half horizontally and layered - red, white, red.  Then cut out 4-inch circles out of one of the red remaining layers and one of the white.  Those get layered inside the blue ring.  Each layer should be sealed with a thin layer of frosting (mine was the joy of baking's cream cheese frosting).

I messed my cake up because I started with 2 white cakes and 1 red cake instead of the reverse, but no one noticed.  It's one of those pow moments where the pow is all that matters.  Flavor also doesn't matter that much, as long as it's white and moist and yummy (I recommend using an egg white-only batter/cake mix so that the yolks don't taint the white stripes darker).  Because I used a classic crowd-pleaser white cake mix, it was a hit with kids and my sweet tooth-graced grandmother.  It was like a birthday cake for America.
When you are done making your cake, you will have lots of cake pieces left over from being cut in half/cut out of.  Put your leftover cake to use by making cake balls and/or cake pops

Happy birthday, Independent America.  Love, S&L.


scenes from the studio

Reminiscing about what I spend a ton of time on when I'm in Ann Arbor - my a cappella group. Being in Minneapolis this summer has been great, but I've also been nostalgic for my on-campus life in Ann Arbor.
Some pics from my most recent visit to the recording studio.

And a live performance of my group who was recording, if you're curious (The Compulsive Lyres).

Starting an SLR Long Weekend - sister weekends are the best! Up north for the annual family 4th of July celebration. I'll be making this this 4th of July cake for our family picnic! Recap next week.