3|Weekend Reading

Instead of weekend reading this time around, here is a fascinating video of a TED talk (do you know about them? If not, check it out here!).  A clinical psychologist speaks to why 30 is NOT the new 20, and how important it can be to claim your adulthood in your 20's.

Hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! The Merrimint girls are off to the family cottage in northern Michigan for some quality family time.  Let's kick of summer (and the beginning of the season for wearing white) with some grilling, summery cocktails, and plenty of sun.

See you here next week with some exciting new content!


Too bad the weekend is over...

We had an awesome Sister Weekend in Chicago - we had a Gatsby date night with a champagne dinner, played at Dose Market (check out our handmade flower crowns!), had lots of amazing food, visited with family, & enjoyed some well-needed good sister time.

Hope you have a happy Monday!


2 \\ Weekend Reading

How is it already Friday again? It has been one of those weeks that feels simultaneously infinitely long while feeling like the blink of an eye in hindsight.  Luckily for us ladies at Merrimint, we have a sister weekend awaiting us! L is visiting Chicago for a weekend of Gatsby, champagne, running by the lake, and meeting our newest baby in the family.  It is guaranteed to be one for the books... look out for fun photos and recaps next week!

For now, here is some fun reading and inspiration to distract you from Friday work, and to get you in the weekend mood...

24 hours in the life of Jenna Lyons, Creative Director for J. Crew.  Hysterical and inspiring at the same time.

Loving the sweet, light look of this dress.

This Friday series is always fun for weekend to-do's.

Fascinating new research about cleaning a baby's pacifier.

Tips from photogenic women.

Got 7 minutes? Fit in a workout!

Reviews of the newly released Great Gatsby! (Will you see it?)


1 \\ Weekend Reading

Merrimint is starting a new Friday series! We're calling it Weekend Reading- a collection of thought-provoking, laughter-provoking, inspiration-provoking, or just plain old fun links for you to read and devour during your weekend.  Enjoy!

A response to Lean In that is particularly interesting.

Does financial equality depend on who you marry?

An entertaining video from the White House Correspondents dinner.

A first listen to She & Him's "Volume 3"!

Advice to equip kids for life.

When diet meets delicious.


Summer Collection - Look 2

So I'm posting these backwards (as I finish pieces :), and this simple shift was intended to be Look 1.  It's the most simple of linen shifts, essentially shapeless with a tiny bit of back detailing. There's nothing better than throwing on an easy breezy piece on laid back days.