My next sewing project & a realization

It's a good thing I find myself on an owl kick all of a sudden (see my Halloween costume), because look what the Pioneer Woman decided to inject into the crafts-to-distract-me-from-my-required-work part of my life.

So cute it hurts. And there's plenty more owl pillows where that one came from.

This has made me come to the realization that I absolutely need a dedicated Craft Table or Craft Corner or even Craft Room (I swoon) in Project New Apartment. This area for the expression of my creativity (read: crazy) must contain all sorts of fun things, like a ribbon organizer, knitting storage (it's happening - I can't find the perfect sweater this season, so I have to make my own of course. And a circle scarf), sewing machine, and tons and tons of cute wrapping paper, I measure my life by my exposure to cute wrapping paper. Expos√© on wrapping paper coming soon.

Look what happened in P-dub's girls' new room! Look at that wooden table! Once again, I swoon. But it's the hanging ribbon rack that really does me in (right in the middle)

I'm thinking I'll just raid every flea market I can find in Minnesota to find the perfect antique desk to do the job. T-10 months.

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