Sister Weekend

There is nothing better than a sister weekend.  SLR was spoiled this weekend and ended up in the same place - State College, PA!  Here are some of the highlights.

1. Eating.
Our first dinner was at Nola's Joint, Stephanie and Paco's favorite restaurant in State College.  Nola's is a chill Italian place with pizza and bread to die for!  Oh dear yum.
2. Painting!  
A sister tradition started back in our hometown in Michigan suburbia, we absolutely love painting pottery.  
These are the final products: we count them as successes!
3. Eating.
Woke up to apple wheat germ and pumpkin muffins - yum. 
4. Bread.
This is what bread from Gimelli Bakery does to us.
Oh god.  We didn't stand a chance.

4. Shopping - so that we could eat.
Grocery shopping for our dinner of filet au poive, roasted vegetables, and Gimelli bread. (Lauren fails for not taking pictures of the food.)
We haven't found anything that makes Stephanie happier than rainbow sprinkles.

5. Pancake-off!
...aka eating.  In honor of National Pancake Day, we held a pancake-off competition.  The judge was none other than trusty Paco.
French Press coffee :)
Bananas Foster pancakes
Raspberry White Chocolate pancakes
The judge.
For the record, Lauren won with her Orange Ginger pancakes.  Stephanie gets winning credit for her citrus coconut glaze to top them, however.  A good sister effort.

5. Oscar Party
Included: Lots of Italian friends, playing the game "Name something that wouldn't be good with caramelized onions on top" and making caramalized onions, and Stephanie and Pacs' homemade pizza!

6. Cute pictures.
And Lauren's personal fav:

A fantastic weekend was had by all!  Thanks so much, Stephanie, for hosting - you're the best seester ever and I can't wait for our next sister weekend!

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