S's Project Apartment: Odds and Ends...

This weekend was finally the big move here in Chicago! I am officially moved into my new place, and am in the process of getting settled.  I have some furniture and accessories from my previous living spaces, and have been lucky enough to have family that is ready to part with some of their pieces, but there are still a few holes to fill.
I have super tall closets- and a lot of them (luckily!).  Since I'm a bit vertically challenged, this cute Ikea step stool will look stylish as an accessory when piled with books or with folded blankets on each step, but will be well appreciated for the height help too!
I have some counter space, but not as much as I would like.  I'm thinking of going for a rod over my sink that can hold a hanging dish rack for my drying dishes, as well as some cute containers for cleaning supplies, herbs, or even flowers.

I have lots of tables in my living area, but I think one more would be nice to hold a small lamp near the seating area.  I was looking for something that is small, cheap, and would blend into the scene.  This small white side table might be the perfect solution! I can put my smaller scale silver lamp on it to bring light to the area, but it won't overwhelm the space.
My bedroom has some unused space that I would like to fill with an area that is calming, and would be good to use for reading, nail painting, generally hanging out.  I think a small table and chair would be the perfect solution.  Still on the lookout for the perfect fit... any suggestions?  Maybe this small table would work nicely...

I'm still working on the settling and organizing process that inevitably takes forever with a new apartment.  I'm always appreciative of new sources for design inspiration and budget-friendly pieces.  If you have any, pass them along in the comments!

Happy Monday everyone :)

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