Cheese Tasting

Cheese is one of the greatest foods ever.  Its perfect for anything, but I especially love it as an appetizer.  Surdyk's, my local cheese & wine shop in Minneapolis, helped me pick out great tasting cheeses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced cheese lovers. 

Beginner: The cheesemonger at Surdyk's recommended something soft, like a buttery goat cheese or a French triple cream brie.  

Intermediate: A Spanish Manchego was up for the intermediate food taster - made from raw sheep's milk, it had a distinct salty flavor that would pair well with every kind of fruit spread imaginable as well as a garnish on main dishes. 

Advanced: Surkyk's recommended something with a complex flavor, like this Swiss Gruyere.  The cheesemonger liked serving something with a mushroom-y flavor to the advanced cheese taster.  It was smooth, strong, and memorable. 

Would you host a wine and cheese tasting party?  What type of cheese do you typically go for?  

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