It's back.

After enjoying nearly a week of warm, spring fever-inducing weather, Ann Arbor has been struck by the evil Michigan weather monster again, just as the last of the ice had melted from my courtyard.  I actually went outside in a mere blazer the other day!  It now looks like this outside my window:
UGH.  Here we go again.  Evil weather.  My lone flower in my plant collection that has pushed its way into existence amid all this cold and grey is lonely.  It misses the sun!

Spring is clearly on my mind.  Which means two things - 1. The sun is coming, and 2. it's time for my favorite shopping season!  My favorite current trend is all things light, airy, and neutral, like this fantastic blouse I found the other day. 
SLR is of course inspired by vintage, as are these fantastic shoes from Modcloth:
Any ideas of what to wear them with?  I'm currently looking for the perfect vintage-inspired dress to go with them.


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