Up and Running!

Welcome to SLR!  We are so excited to finally be up and running.  

A little bit about us:  We are 2 sisters blogging from 2 different places.  We love exploring photo, fashion, cooking, and notable things blogs, so we thought we'd try our hand at our own!  We'll deem ourselves a life blog.

Here's what we look like: 

Some fun facts:
We're minorly obsessed with each other.
We're majorly obsessed with Anthropologie, Etsy, and Crewcuts.  Oh, and the new BHLDN of course!  And Nutella.
Stephanie loves cooking, and Lauren is developing her love for photography.

A bit about our name: SLR, drawn from the acronym for single-lens reflex in photography, also happens to be our initials together.  We are inspired by photography, and we hope to post some of our own super soon.

Stay tuned! 

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