Weekday Eggs Benedict

It's really no secret that it's a toss up between breakfast and dessert for my favorite meals (yes, dessert is a meal).  I really love making dishes in both categories, especially anything involving baking, fun and easy egg dishes, or pancakes.

My favorite egg dish is Benedict style.  And once you master poaching eggs (with whatever method you use - try Smitten Kitchen's style, or Alton's for step-by-step), is as simple as putting the other parts in a frying pan.

This was breakfast this morning - a modified eggs benedict/florentine thing.  I don't really know what to call it - Weekday Eggs Benedict is the current frontrunner, since this version is hollandaise-free - that means one less step and a shorter start-to-plate time.  But if you go for the hollandaise, I commend your spirit and dedication to the art of egg dishes.

- Toast: Butter goes in the skillet on medium heat, make it nice 'n toasty on the first side, then flip.
- Egg: While toast is a'toastin, poach your egg using whatever style you fancy.
- Canadian bacon: Heat up some in another skillet while toast and egg are going.  Your toast is probably done by this point, so you can put it on a plate.
- Asparagus: I used leftover roasted asparagus from dinner the night before.  You can also simply fry some up in the same pan you did your toast in.

And stack!  So easy, but it still kind of feels like an accomplishment for how close it resembles the weekend brunch favorite.  It's simple and quick enough for a weekday morning.  And of course, it's ready for the variations.  Take out the meat or switch it out with real bacon, load up on the vegetables (how great does roasted red peppers and some sauteed spinach sound?), give it a shot.

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