Adding Color in a Rental Apartment

After being cold for months, we are itching for spring & all its bright colors and newness.  Bringing in color into your home is such a fun way to spruce up - but for those of us who live in rental residences (our hands go up), something lower-commitment than a fresh coat of hued paint is the way to go.  Try these ideas for some inspiration.

Take a trip to the flea market for the perfect accent piece to paint in a bright, refreshing color, like this unique turquoise end table.  

If you crave a more impactful wall, try removable wallpaper or decals.  This cute polka dot design is a DIY panel project.

Art is always a great go-to, but what about accumulating antique frames and painting them in a similar color palate to make a bigger statement?  Hang to form a gallery wall, or lean against the wall on a ledge or piece of furniture.

A bright, graphic shower curtain can be elevated and sophisticatedly refreshing - like this one in a clean, white bathroom.

If you have white or beige walls, you aren't doomed to boredom - invest in a patterned headboard to make a focal statement in your bedroom.  Don't be afraid to commit to a color that inspires you, like this springy coral. 

Will you bring in more color this spring?  


  1. Love that first room! Wish my apartment looked more like that!

  2. Though its just a rental space, its still important to create a homey feel to it. When we transferred to our new apartment, we have it repainted as soon as we got the keys. We also did minor renovations. We made sure that we achieve the look of our dream house in our own little ways.