Last Minute Valentine's Day DIY

Happy Valentine's Day! Do you have fun plans for the day, whether it is dinner with your sweetheart, a night in with your very best Valentine (yourself!), wine and Titanic, or a crazy night on the town with your most fun single friends? 

In case you are looking for some special ways to show your loved ones how much they mean to you this Valentine's day, here are some Merrimint favorites.  We love these DIY, quick, and super sweet ideas to spread the love.

1.  On a deck of cards, use a sharpie to write a reason why you love your Valentine on each card.
2.  Cut out construction paper hearts and write reasons your Valentine is special on each.  Sprinkle them through your house, car, etc.
3.  Cut out figures, words, or pictures that remind you of your Valentine from magazines and newspapers, and attach them to a poster to put on the door, fridge, prominent wall, etc. for a fun and lighthearted way to show them you are constantly reminded of how great they are.
4.  Heart shaped pancakes :) 
5.  Write fun love notes on a million post-its, and post them in unexpected places (cupboards, inside the car, on the toothpaste...).
6.  Compile a package of low-cost and frivolous heart-themed items: ice molds, heart-shaped measuring cups, romantic phrase linens, chocolate, anything you can find at the dollar store (or the $1 section at Target!).  Pack it in a box full of pink/red tissue and give it- or send it!- to your Valentine.
7.  Create an original crossword puzzle with reasons your Valentine is special.
8.  Wrap red or pink yarn all over your house, starting where your Valentine will find it and ending with a special treat (see #6).
9.  Of course, a punny card will always do the trick.

We hope you enjoy your day and dedicate it to telling those you love that they are wonderful to have in your life.  We are so happy you are here to celebrate with us- will YOU be our Valentine?

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