In between

I'm so glad it's halfway through the week.  The weather here in Minneapolis has been dreadfully winter for so long, and the one glimpse of spring weather (Above 60!  And maybe some sun too!) is this Sunday.  I am so ready for the days of biking to work, outdoor patio happy hours, and Sunday picnics.  It's such an in-between time.  My mood is easily affected by it too - R has been super great at trying to cheer me up, but I'm grasping for that super-excited feeling I had just last summer, on the brink of moving here.

I still haven't quite ditched the opaque tights & boots at work, sad as that is.  Instead, I'm starting to look to classic neutrals & fresh, ligher fabrics, like utility jackets and flowing skirts.  Paired with grounding basics, some new-season pieces can be perfectly transitional (except it will still be a while until I can pull of sandals around here, with snow still on the ground).


Keep your fingers crossed that it will finally be nice out soon - as soon as it's nice, I'll be showing you my spring/summer collection!   

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