Wine Tasting Party

I had a wine tasting party last weekend to celebrate my birthday.  My good friend Beatrice helped me put it together - and we had a blast!

We opted for a blind wine tasting - everyone contributed a bottle, then we wrapped each bottle up with a number on it.  Everyone got a scorecard, made of cardboard, paper, and binder clips, to record their thoughts and ratings.  At the end of the night, the person who brought the highest rated bottle won a bottle of Prosecco. 

The food spread was full of seafood orzo, caprese salad, roasted vegetables, leek and swiss chard quiche, and cheese from my favorite local shop

Caramel cake with mascarpone frosting

I love having a co-hostess friend :)


  1. Lauren- this lookkks so swanky! I'm impressed- also by the number of friends..haha looks like I need to come visit! love you lu, glad you had a wonderful birthday! - xox, Melanie

  2. So gorgeous Wine Tasting Party! Everyone is looking very happy in this bash. The cake and other stuffs are really nice. I also have to find the best NYC venues for my rooftop birthday bash. I wonder if you have any recommendations for a nice spot.