DIY: Canvas Word Art

This Christmas, I wanted to make more DIY gifts to make items more meaningful and keep my budget reasonable.  One idea I came across was the perfect gift for my best friend.  I found this wall art inspiration on Jess Lively's blog.  She repurposed an old canvas painting to display a cute phrase in trendy font.  I took this idea and ran with it, especially because the words chosen are my best friend's wedding song!

What you need: A canvas in the size of your choice (I found mine on sale at Michael's), paint brushes (I already had on hand), and acrylic paint in your preferred colors.  I chose a deep teal and a light moss green.  I also got a slightly off-white color to fix edges and mistakes.

Find your font choice, I used "Tall, Dark, and Handsome" which I downloaded for free online.  Print out the words/letters you want, cut, and trace onto the canvas.  Then, just fill in the letters (or, paint all around the letters if you want a background color) with the acrylic paint.

I love how the canvas turned out! My friend loved it too :)


  1. Ah I love this, never thought of tracing! I always do it in my horrid handwriting! I'll have to try tracing next time! Thanks :)

  2. It's really looking very nice and quite easy to making, many thanks for sharing this great canvas wall art..