Gift Guide: Your Sweet 13-year-old Cousin

Surprise... the gift guide has been extended! We received a few gift guidance requests, so will be continuing on with some fun gift ideas here and there through the week.  Today's gift guide is focused on the new teenager, still in middle school but who wants to start receiving some more "grown up" gifts.

I remember at age 13 I was all about getting new decor pieces to decorate my room how I wanted.  I also loved getting fresh new clothes to wear to school.  Here are some of SLR's favorite ideas:

Operation Beautiful: A wonderful set of books based on one woman's mission to spread positive thinking and healthy body image talk by putting sticky notes with messages anywhere someone might find it.  The newest book will be released Dec 27th, and is filled with notes people have left for others.  A great book with a wonderful, positive outlook that is perfect for a young girl transitioning into teenagedom.
Funky Sheets:  A non-permanent way for her to spice up her room decor.
Bath and Body Works Set: What 13-year old girl wouldn't love a set of smelly bath items? Just make sure to choose a sent you can stand, because you will be smelling it a lot.

Manicure Outing: Schedule a manicure, just you and her, and give her a certificate on Christmas telling her when it will be.  Have lunch, get your nails done, read magazines- she will feel like a princess getting some special one-on-one time, and will feel mature and special having a manicure.
Lava Lamp: Again, an easy and funky decor piece she can put in her room to instantly up the cool factor.  I got one when I was 13, and adored it for more years than I should have...
Sparkly Shoes: All girls love shoes! These ones from Target are especially cute- the sparkle is just the right touch.

A New Dress: At 13, clothes start to become a welcomed and cool gift.  How about a new dress for her to pair with a waist belt, leggings, and her new sparkly shoes to wear back to school in January?

Hair Clip: This is the age where hair/makeup/general grooming become super important and fun.  Hair accessories are so fun to receive, and easy on the budget to buy.  You can even fill a small box (or stocking) with clips, headbands, new brushes, etc. for a whole "hair care kit." She will love it.

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