Gift Guide: Your parents, who already have everything.

A fur throw: Even if they already have one, a second one really can't hurt. 

A wine club: You can find them from Williams Sonoma, the Wall Street Journal, many Napa Valley vineyards, or a local one from where your parents live.

Ideal Bookshelf 506: Cooking, by Jane Mount: This print from 20x200 would be a great addition to their kitchen, pantry, or mud room. 

A meyer lemon tree: What's more memorable than receiving a tree as a present?  It keeps on giving, too, with wonderful meyer lemons to cook, bake, and garnish with.

A silk pillowcase: Supposedly, silk pillowcases are better for your skin, slow the rate of wrinkles, and plus just feel so darn luxurious.

A cheeky spoon rest: This one's for the parent who inevitably puts her spoon all over the counter/stove when cooking, and needs a chic way to reign in the mess-making.

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