Ombre Eggs & Breakfast for the week

Friday became Egg Dyeing day - and I put myself to the task of making ombre eggs.  It's been done by a few bloggers already, like here and here, but my goal was to achieve an ombre effect on one egg without the lines.  

The first step to dyeing eggs is hard boiling them - which is very simple!  Cover your eggs by about a half inch of water.  Bring to a boil, then remove from heat for 10 minutes.  Run eggs under cold water to stop the cooking process - then you're done!

I stuck to monotone colors, while R maize-and-blue'd his out to show his Michigan pride during their March Madness run (are you watching the basketball craziness?).

My method was to keep the eggs moving in the dye so that they didn't get lines - that didn't work perfectly, but there was a gradient effect.  I like how each egg turns out differently.  And now I have a dozen hard boiled eggs for breakfast for the rest of the week! 

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