Vacation Hangover

I suffer from vacation hangover pretty bad.  Every time I come back from a trip, I get moody and negative-nancy about being back.  But the thing is - the vacation is always worth it.  Especially when I get to see my family.

Ryan and I spent an extra long weekend in Vail and had the best time - unbeatable skiing, amazing food, seamless travel, and perfect weather (I even came back with a sunburn on my face - got any good intensive moisturizing tips?).

Grilling out for a mountain top picnic lunch
My mom and me at a Santigold concert

Ah vacation, I cannot wait for your quick return. 


  1. Love these pictures! Colorado looks so great! I wish I had an excuse to have a vacation hangover... :)

  2. I got a wicked bad goggle sunburn in colorado too- the sun was awesome this year, glad you guys had an awesome time! I also had a vacation hangover ;) - love mel