S's Birthday Lust List

It is so fun to have sister birthdays so close to one another.  We have always shared parties, enjoyed joint dinner celebrations, and talked over birthday wish lists together.  L just posted her birthday wishes, so I thought I would join her birthday fun and add my own.  Here are some birthday lusts!

Girls on DVD- I don't have a TV or cable, but I do have a computer! I love watching TV shows on my laptop.  I have been dying to see Girls since I saw the pilot, and would love to get into a new show.

Paris- Anyone with me? I'm planning on leisurely afternoons in the D'Orsay, baguette, cheese, and champagne picnics sitting outside, pretty Parisian styling, and plenty of cafe au lait with croissants.

I love simply spending time with those I love on special occasions.  Dinner (anything! could be fancy, could be simply bread, cheese and olives) paired with a bottle of champagne is sure to be a huge birthday success.

A Massage- I have been craving a massage for months.  A birthday is the perfect time to coax someone else into gifting a massage, right?

Dainty Jewelry- Remember the jewelry lust list I made last week? I'm still eyeing those gorgeous pieces, especially the arrow necklace, ampersand ring, and teeny tiny rose gold bands.

New Chambray- My sister gifted me a chambray shirt last year, and I have worn it to pieces.  Literally- there are gaping holes in each arm, and not in the fun distressed sort of way.  I wear them so much that a new shirt would definitely get plenty of attention.

Book of Mormon- A pre-birthday gift that is actually happening! Tomorrow I am seeing the Book of Mormon with my parents and some close family friends, preceded by a fun dinner.  I can't wait- what a fun way to celebrate with friends and family.

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