Dreaming of Warmth

To me, the point of winter is the following: 1. to ski, 2. to wear cozy sweaters, 3. to drink copious amounts of tea huddled under blankets, and 4. for Christmas! I love the chill of winter as we approach time with family and friends to celebrate the holidays.  Snow is okay- it makes the scene more "christmasy."  Cold weather? Fine! We have mulled cider (maybe with some rum...).  But now that Christmas and the new year celebration have come and gone, and since I have gotten in my skiing quota for the season, I'm ready to move on.  Even the thick sweaters are getting old.  

The cure for the winter-probably-isn't-even-half-over-but-I-am-dying-for-it-to-be-seventy-degrees blues, what better than to start doing some warm weather shopping? My first love- this hat.  Hats are super in right now, and will continue to be at least through this summer season.  This Anthropolgie hat is just floppy enough not to look stuffy, and the sweet bow adds a touch of charm.

I have been all over the spring polka dot trend.  How cute is this dress? It could range from casual Sunday brunch to a night out with the right accessories.  Looking at it makes me want to put on sunglasses, the perfect hat (see above), lots of bright bangles, and go to a French seaside market. 

What warm weather shopping is complete without a bathing suit? This adorable one-piece has a low dip neckline to give the covered up look a touch of spice.  The fun imperfect pattern is really different from anything I've seen before! It would be such a fun piece to wear on... oh, I don't know... a Mediterranean cruise?

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