Santa brought me a new dress!

In the SLR house, Santa tends to bring us fun, fab clothes.  Christmas this year brought  few key items that were carefully chosen as opposed to the usual mass of "maybe items."  I spent some time this week reviewing my newly acquired pieces, deciding how they work with my current wardrobe, how they fit, and how well they fall in like with my stylistic vision.  Most were definitely keepers, I am happy to report!  There was just one dress, though, that is still up in the air.  So, maybe you can help me determine whether this dress is a keeper?

This Anthropologie dress is definitely adorable.  It has cute circular detailing, and is a very useful length.  Perfect for luncheons, brunches, bridal/baby showers, early summer dinner parties, anything that needs a classy, slightly sweet, dressed up attire.

(Note the Christmas decorations still going full force!)

I do definitely like it a lot.  The color is cute, especially when paired with the nude belt.  So... what do you think? Should I keep it?

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