Father's Day Gift Ideas

June 17 is coming up quick!!! Gifts for dads (well, our dad at least) are always the hardest. They seem to already have everything, or nothing is just right, or you can't outdo the stellar idea you came up with last year.  And dads are super important to recognize (ours is a superhero).  Here's some low-to-no-cost ideas for the special Dad in your life.

Recreate a childhood favorite treat: Our dad loves to tell us about his college study habit of allowing himself to eat a fudgesicle after reading 100 pages.  So wouldn't it be fun to bring back that memory with a homemade version?  Watch Dad try to resist a homemade version of a childhood favorite, like fudgesicles, ice cream sandwiches, oreos, or twinkies

Manual labor: Does Dad love his car?  Bike?  Boat?  Shoes?  Whatever it is, take some of the load off his plate by shining, waxing, polishing, and pampering Dad's most prized possessions.  And of course, let him relax (maybe even with a homemade treat) while you're hard at work. 

Freshen up his basics: How often to men wear socks and undershirts?  (A lot.)  Now, how often do they freshen up their selection?  My exposure to men's shopping habits generally is that they don't often.  Do Dad a favor by getting him fresh ones.  Hit up Target or David Beckham's line of underwear for H&M.  This sock line is cute too. 

A date with mom/his partner: Treat your dad to a date night out by doing all the planning in advance.  You can make this as simple (think picnic that you make ahead of time and send them out to a park with an iPod playlist and some portable speakers) or as elaborate as you want.  Cup of Jo recommends a trapeze class, which sounds like boatloads of fun!

A big, huge map: For the worldly dad, get a fun map where he can show off his travels.  My friend has this huge one in her house (it takes up an entire wall), and she says it's the centerpiece for an endless amount of conversations and dinner table trivia.  Our dad has a fun scratch-off map to keep track of where he's been.

Do you give your dad presents for Father's Day?  If so, what are you planning for your dad?

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