Homemade Ice Cream- Without an Ice Cream Maker!

It getting warmer... which to us means ice cream!  We made our own the old-fashioned way.  Here's how!

Homemade Ice Cream


1 cup whole milk
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla
Gallon size ziploc bag
Quart size ziploc bag
Ice cream salt (we used kosher salt since we couldn't find ice cream salt)


1. Put milk, sugar, and vanilla in quart sized bag and close tightly.  
2. Fill gallon sized ziploc about halfway with ice, and add a handful of ice cream salt (or kosher salt), place the smaller bag within the larger bag and seal the larger bag tight.
3. Then, get ready to move! Shake the bags for 10 minutes, continually moving the contents.  
4. Scoop out, top with your favorite sprinkle variety, and enjoy!

Shake shake shake!

Play catch with your dad!

We had fun.

Warning: try not to go too long - ours got close to the right consistency, then turned milky again because of shaking too long (having too much fun...).  Regardless, it's not going to be exactly like store-bought ice cream, but it's going to be better because you made it! 

This would be a really fun activity to do with family this summer, especially with little kids around.  S & L are excited to share the science behind ice cream with our young cousins while keeping them entertained for a while! Don't forget fun toppings- we loved adding crushed thin mint cookies and sprinkles to ours.  I'm sure summer berries and whipped cream would be delicious to add too.


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