The Italian Bakery

P learned about the most amazing Italian bakery in Chicago.  D'Amato's Bakery near the west side of the city is an amazing find for gorgeous Italian breads, pastries, coffees, and pizza.  We have only tried a few of the pastries- all of which I can attest to being the perfect afternoon accompaniment to tea, or a great hostess gift for a dinner party.  I recently tried their espresso... holy moly.  I haven't had a pressed espresso that good in a while! Brewed from a beautiful classical copper espresso machine, it was bitter up front but clearly pronounced the natural sweetness found in espresso.

The real star of D'Amato's is the pizza.  It is beyond worth a trip to the west side of town to get a warm slice of focaccia pizza.  I love the pizza with olives and artichoke hearts the best- the toppings help to bring extra attention to the lovely tomato sauce and flavorful cheese.  And oh, the crust.  It is the most perfect focaccia.  Crisp on the bottom, but doughy and soft throughout.  Seriously, you have to try this stuff.  Here are some of my favorite recent photos of the joint.

You can find more information about this gem here.  Run! Go quick! I promise it's worth the trip :)

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