A New York Minute

I am on a 2-week travel-a-thon, and as S mentioned the other day, NYC was my first stop for one of the best experiences ever - my first photoshoot!  

Some highlights from the trip: 
- The coolest studio space ever (I mean, LOOK at that above).  It even had a free photobooth.
- Hitting up my first sample sale
- Getting totally pampered by professional hair & makeup artists and stylists, and this photographer (she does Jcrew and Madewell stuff!! Is it weird that I feel way more special now knowing that I was shot by someone who has also photographed the immortal Jenna Lyons?)
- FOOD.  Always the case with us, right?  But what a food scene - great restaurants and catering, Blue Bottle coffee, and the Jacque Torres chocolate chip cookie.
- Taking a walk along the High Line with my Blue Bottle cappuccino
- Getting dinner and drinks with my good friend Katelyn from London, who I haven't seen in ages 
- My swanky swanky hotel, the Hotel Gansevoort - where the Kardashians were apparently staying as well

Can't share stuff from the shoot yet - but I will dish all about it when it comes out.  

I can't believe how fast 2 days flew by - and that I was only here for 2 days, which is so not enough in New York.  Even as short as it was, I had an incredible time.  And now I'm off to part 2: State College for Sister Weekend and S's graduation! 

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