C-ville Highlights

After one seriously crazy week, some fun was in store! S visited her best friend in Charlottesville, VA for the weekend.

Since we had some serious catching up to do, we decided to go for a run.  A long run.  A casual half marathon.  Despite being completely unprepared, poorly rested, and a bit out of sorts, the race was great! It was absolutely gorgeous and a total blast.  If you are looking for a fun (hilly) longer distance race, check out the C-ville half and full marathons! Really one of the best running experiences I have ever had.

There was plenty of walking around, which was great given the awesome walkability of Charlottesville coupled with ultimate spring weather.  Obviously some girly happenings ensued... perusing stores full of stationary, wrapping paper, and home goods.

Saturday afternoon was a highlight for sure.  We visited King Family Vineyards for some sun-soaking and wine drinking.  Couldn't have been more perfect! Check out the beautiful scene...

Sunday wrapped up with Easter celebrating and brunch in the sunshine.  We found a great restaurant with seating on the pedestrian mall that served up some mean crepes and frittatas.  Holy yum.  I had a crepe filled with crab, portobello mushrooms, and spinach, topped with hollandaise.  Such a decadent but light dish- it would be great to replicate for a brunch party at home (with mimosas of course)!

Already missing the other "S" in my life, and looking forward to the next trip back to Charlottesville!

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