Project Apartment: Closet Inspiration

So as it turns out, since both S and L are moving at the end of this summer... we now have TWO project apartments going on.  What??? Craziness. This blog is going to get so hard-core "look what I found antiquing" (-L) and "oh MY these anthro bowls are just too darn precious!!" (-S).  So... sorry in advance.

But alas, as I consider my (L's) project apartment to be the original, I figured I would share my #1 vice. Closets.  

My nose has been runny for a week, the weather is so indecisive it's annoying, and people are getting antsy; you know what that means?  SPRING! And Spring Cleaning! Ready for some hardcore spring cleaning inspiration??
Have I told you about how I will sit with the Container Store's catalogue for hours in my happy place? I will. 

I'm also a sucker for creative storage- i.e. this shoe cabinet

This one (albeit a coat rack, forgive me) is getting me all inspired-like - AND it's a DIY!  It's like Christmas.

Get ready to clean out your closet and make it look pretty like these ones.  We'll be purging and de-cluttering and rearranging and getting our creative storage juices flowing super soon.  Let the spring cleaning begin!  

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