Friday Musings 4.13.12

Happy weekend!  What are you up to this weekend?  If you're not sure, here's some fun ideas for you (they would also make great dates!).

Go to a local theater production or concert
It's exciting when a big concert comes to town, but what about all the local-based performance art shows like community theatre productions or a concert at a nearby restaurant?  Have any poetry readings around? High school musical productions can be the best too.  Get out there and support the arts in your community!

Make something unexpected completely from scratch 
When was the last time you made ricotta cheese from scratch?  How about marinara sauce?  Bread?  Why not try this weekend!

Do some DIY artwork
From chevron canvases to melted crayon art to abstract paintings, there are so many great art ideas out there.  And what's more inspiring than to look up on your wall to see something you made yourself?  

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