breathe deep.

You have no idea how much strength it took not to title this post some awful pun about thyme.  I know, I know... so predictable.  Especially for a punster such as myself.

L and I were doing some cooking at our family cottage (paella, anyone?), and needed some fresh herbs from our small but mighty herb garden.  We took a second to pause, breathe in really really deep, and appreciate the beauty of thyme (the herb... no, it was not an intentional pun).

Take this as a reminder to pause today, breathe deep, and enjoy the smells of summer while they last.  Maybe you will be enjoying some fresh herbs too, or maybe it's the smell of freshly cut grass, the beach, summer cooking, your warm weather perfume choice, or even the smell of humid air that hangs on through the end of August.  Summer is winding down- even more reason to take every moment to enjoy it!

(p.s. isn't the photo of our puppy, Amber, smelling the thyme the most precious thing you've ever seen? We melted into puddles when she did it :)

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