Summer Clam Bake

One of our favorite summer traditions is our family "clam bake", at which we actually serve no clams because none of us are clam fans.  We do go all out on seafood and fresh summer staples in this end-of-summer ritual.

This year was our first clam bake in our family's new lake house (we promise, we will actually do a tour soon! It's still a mess from moving!), as opposed to our prior cottage we have held at the center of our family's life for 17 years.  We are learning that change can be good, if not always easy, and in the midst of change you can find consistency in traditions that remain the same.  

It's all hands on deck for our clam bake, sending people out to the garden for herbs, having something boiling on the stove constantly, and running around trying to time every dish perfectly to optimize warmth for serving.

Our menu always consists of mussels, crab legs, crab cakes, breaded shrimp, and corn on the cob.

Fresh Michigan peach and blackberry galette for dessert.

We did some good damage. 

And, as usual, we had our trusty clean-up help :)

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