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Yesterday I came across an interview on The Everygirl with an interesting and bold young woman.  Lindsay Avner, 29, is the founder and CEO of Bright Pink.

Bright Pink is a national non-profit organization that focuses on providing education and support to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.  The organization provides a ton of information on the website and through classes hosted around the country to educate young women on breast and ovarian cancer, breast and ovarian health, what it means to have a family history of these cancers, what options are for young women at high risk, and more.

Not only does Bright Pink educate women, but it provides an immensely strong support system for women as well.  There are online forums where women can talk openly about their experiences, Pink Pals which are women paired up for personal support, outreach groups, and a patient toolkit provided to women going through diagnosis and treatment.

Bright Pink has made a presence in several communities across the country.  Headquartered in Chicago, there are also groups in Boston, Denver, San Antonio, San Francisco, Vermont, and Washington D.C.  The organization hosts teleconferences with the top medical and research professionals to discuss new findings and preventative measures for women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.  The groups provide resources to get involved in research within the community.  There are fundraising events held constantly to raise more funding for research, treatment, and support for young women going through diagnosis and treatment.

To support healthy young women, Bright Pink has developed "Underwire Alerts!" If you sign up, once a month you will receive a text or email reminding you to give yourself a monthly breast exam, along with instructions and tips.  It's a simple way to increase your chances of finding abnormalities, should they arise.

This organization brings an incredibly important topic into the limelight for some much needed discussion.  I cannot wait to get involved as a volunteer as soon as I get to Chicago!

Please show your support for young women at high risk for breast or ovarian cancer.  Visit for more information.

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