Project Apartment Take 2: S's Place!

L found her perfect Minneapolis apartment earlier in the summer, and has been working on her design inspiration ever since.  I've been doing TONS of apartment hunting in Chicago for my upcoming move, but without a lot of luck.  Until yesterday!

I managed to snag a great 1 bedroom apartment in the fun and quaint Lakeview neighborhood.  I was lucky to find a place with all hardwood floors, a rehabbed kitchen with beautiful new appliances (a gas stove!), and tons of storage.  The ceilings are tall, and there are closets everywhere.

There are lots of little spaces that will need to be planned to maximize space, and make the apartment feel homey and fun.  There will be plenty of DIY projects and homemade art to help liven up the space!   All of these projects will be shared here, so look for S's Project Apartment posts to keep up with the fun!

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