How to make Moka Coffee

Our newfound favorite morning ritual is brewing up a cup of espresso in the moka.  It takes less time than a coffee pot, and is strong enough to give you some spunk to start the day.  Here's how!

Start with your empty, rinsed out moka pot.  Don't ever wash it with soap, unless you prefer sudsy coffee for breakfast :)

Grind up your favorite (strong) coffee beans.  We prefer espresso beans for the rich flavor.

Fill the bottom compartment of the pot with water, up until the bottom of the steam hole.  No more than that, or else your brew will become a mess all over your stove top!

Use those beautiful grounds you just whipped up to fill the coffee compartment.  Loosely fill the insert up to the top, without packing the grounds down.

Screw on the top...

And place over heat.  Start at a low heat, and turn up to high heat when you hear the coffee starting to bubble.  When you hear the moka start to bubble and gurgle because of the steam, it's done!

Pour.  Breathe deeply. Take a moment to start the day with some quiet intention.  
If you like your coffee like many do in Italy, try adding some sugar or honey to sweeten.

Moka coffee is not as intimidating as it might seem, and is so worth the results.  You can find some great moka pots for reasonable prices at Ikea, Target, or on Amazon.  A small moka pot and some good coffee would make a great hostess or housewarming gift!


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