Friday Musings 8.24.12: Summer Traditions

One of our most treasured family traditions of summer is going to Tasty Treat, our local ice cream shop up north.  Pretty much anyone in our family would do almost anything for their black raspberry soft serve.

Some years ago, someone clearly not part of the town decided to open a Dairy Queen right across the street from Tasty Treat.  This is a town with 2 traffic lights, one McDonalds, one grocery store and that's about it, so the DQ really stood out.  It's remarkable that DQ is still open, however, because on almost every summer night there is a line outside of Tasty Treat that really picked up around the time the "other one" opened; around the 4th of July, the line goes down the whole block.  Rare is it to see a car at the rival.  Just goes to show that no matter what, some originals can never be messed with.

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