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Happy Monday my friends!

Let's start our week off with some procrastination and inspiration, what do you say? I wanted to share some of my favorite foodie blogs with you today.  These are some of my favorite places to turn for new recipes,  menu planning ideas, or even just a mental break from the constant statistical analysis and writing cycle I am currently in.

First up, Smitten Kitchen was the first recipe-based blog I discovered.  Nothing like your first love, no? Deb always has gorgeous photos and delicious looking recipes.  Her recipes are very approachable and explained so that anyone can master them.  Look forward to a favorite recipe of mine from Smitten Kitchen later this week!

101 cookbooks is a great place to turn for wholesome, homey recipes that are aimed at being healthy while maximizing the flavors of individual ingredients.  I love her soups especially! The photography is just gorgeous too, so it is always way too fun to peruse recipes just to look at photos!

I don't remember how I came across Cannelle et Vanille, but I am so glad I did.  This lovely woman grew up in France and now lives in the US while keeping up with her French roots.  She always has thoughtful and meaningful things to say, along with the most enticing recipes.  I adore her photography too! She actually does several photography workshops internationally... le sigh.

I've been following Eat, Live, Run for quite a while now.  Jenna, the author, used to have a healthy living and balanced lifestyle focus, but now posts more often on new recipes, book recommendations, and yoga challenges.  She writes like your best friend, and feels familiar.  Plus she has fun recipes in a range of difficulty levels that always look delicious!

La Tartine Gourmande is written by another born and raised French woman who now lives in the US.  She tends to focus on gluten-free cooking and baking, but you would never even notice it with her creative use of ingredients.  Her photos always remind me to be mindful in my cooking and eating, and to look for seasonal ingredients to make dishes shine.  She just published a brand new cookbook which is stunning- look for some recipes from it on SLR soon!
I found Nectar one day when I was just roaming the internet, and immediately fell in love! The rock and roll style of the blog is so fun- there are playlists to match each recipe! Amazing.  She uses great photography props, and clearly has a lot of fun with her recipes.  It is always a treat to find a new post published here.

What are your favorite places to look for new recipes or dish ideas?

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  1. Nectar sounds amazing! I especially like how she adds playlists to her recipes! Too fun! I'm going to have to check it out!