Jason Wu for Target Results

I don't know what's gotten into shoppers lately.  I mean, really, just because an affordable retailer like Target does us the favor of delivering super cute designer items much closer to what we desire the price to be than we would ever get elsewhere, does that mean we're supposed to slow down their website for days (or just completely shut it down), fight for sizes like they're the last bottles of fresh water left on the planet, and wait outside in the cold before the store even opens at the crack of dawn?

Well, does it?

... evidently, yes, because that's exactly what I did yesterday.  Woke up at 7 on a Sunday (after going to bed at 3am, mind you), fumbled around for some yoga pants and a sweatshirt, got in my frozen car, and drove to my nearest Tar-zhay so I could get my hands on the best of Jason Wu for Target; I lived through the Missoni mania and made it out a happy customer on the other side, after all, so I had this game down.  To my complete shock and awe, there were even MORE people waiting outside pre-8am than there were for Missoni!  That woke me up real quick.

So how did I do?  The key to crazy days like these is having a prioritized game plan so you know which items to go for in what order. I got my top priority items (navy dress, floral separates, and that side bag), except for the light blue skirt and white dress my Target store didn't carry.
The Loot:

Success? Yes!   Shopping problem? Probably.  Certified insanity? Absolutely

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