Friday musings 2.24.12: Fui a Honduras!

Peace out, America!  I'm sick of the cold, so I'm heading out on the 6:30AM (eek) flight to HONDURAS!!!  Not planning on coming back.  Come visit me anytime :)

This is my new front yard!

Jk.  Just going for a week.  And where I'm going is NOTHING like ^that^ - although a girl can dream, right?  I'm going way inland to Morazan, where I will be spending my spring break week on a maternal health project and teaching English in an elementary school.  I'm bringing an arsenal of sunproof REI shirts, Crocs (yes, seriously, but it's the sandal kind so not as bad I swear), zip-off hiking capris/shorts (uhhh... no defense here), and hot pink malaria pills. Ooo baby. Wish me luck on remembering all my Spanish...

In the meantime, enjoy a Stephanie-only week! And then I take over for a week when I get back. It's like a blog battle: Week Stephanie versus Week Lauren.  Have fun picking sides.  (My side gets candy and a personalized tour through Zara's online shoe collection!!)

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