Wednesday's Little Joys

It's mid-week! Already.  Just a bit more work till the weekend... can you make it?

Here are a few things that are making it a bit easier to wake up this morning.  Some inspiration, some happy things, some pretty things.

Free canning labels! I have a feeling some Meyer Lemon Limoncello will be made in my kitchen very soon, and will feature these beauties.

Etsy's infinite shopping lust ability... a very fun and very style-able romper.

I have literally been waking up for coffee these last few mornings.  The morning thoughts go something like this... Get up! Roll out of bed! No... so cold... can't do it... Wait.  Moka coffee will be ready in 3 minutes.  Okay fine.  Up we go.

Also loving my Italian-inspired breakfasts.  Thanks to P for teaching me that cookies for breakfast are totally okay.  I mean, the bag even says to heat up your morning joe while getting the cookies out! Cookies marketed for breakfast? Don't mind if I do.

Dying to make this gorgeous grapefruit cake/tea bread.

What's keeping you fueled and joyous this Wednesday?

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  1. reading your blog! LOVELY! =) please make the tea bread..and send some my way! - MS