Pumped Up Kicks

Have you even seen a pair of nearly perfect shoes... with only that slightly off detail that takes the pair from perfect to, well, just so-so? You immediately wish that you could sharpie away the weird color, or rip off the weird button.  Or, have you had a vision of the exactly right pump that will work gloriously with your new vintage dress, but were disappointed by the offerings you saw? Or maybe you are the creative type who is all about making your unique visions into realities?

This is for you.

Did you know that you can actually design your own shoes? Introducing Milk & Honey Shoes, an LA based shoe company.  On the company website you can view tons and tons of shoes that have been created by other consumers or by their super fash designers.

Or, create your own!

Choose your style of shoe, the toe and heel shapes, strap design (if you want one), heel height and width, and platform design.  Add in the fabric and colors of your choice for all components- they have tons of choices ranging from patent leather to suede to polka dot fabric.

Now, go have fun:  Good luck getting anything done today :)

Which designs are you loving from Milk & Honey? Post your designs here!

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