Crushing on: Satchels

So I'm in major crunch-mode for my thesis, and when I get stressed (or bored, or tired, or hungry, or distracted...) I do what any rational woman would do.


I'm spending about equal amounts of time on ASOS's website and on writing my fourth chapter.  I am also realizing that as my college career is quickly coming to a close, in less than 2 months I will be free of lugging around a computer and stack of notes with me everywhere I go.  This is good news because 1. my back is tired, and 2. I can start to use cute, space-efficient handbags instead of wearing out my tote bag collection.  Classic satchels are great because you can carry them on your shoulder, leaving your hands free, and they will never, ever go out of style.

Very inspired by Atlantic-Pacific's really really good ensem with her red satchel & cigarette pants.

Crushing on these satchels:

Which would you choose?  The third and fourth are my favs (hint hint... birthday coming up...).

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