Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Happy 25th Birthday, Stephanie!  Woo hoo!  A whole day to celebrate you!

25 things that make Stephanie great, in no particular order: 
1. She's really smart and is getting her master's degree in less than 2 months!
2. She has always been the pretty one.
3. She won Biggest Heartbreaker in her high school mock elections.
4. She shared a bathroom with me for lots of years and we still love each other.
5. She comes up with the best pizza topping combinations.
6. She has a passion for nutrition and is pursuing what she really loves.
7. She is the only person I know who drinks enough water every day.
8. She is allergic to pistachios and gives me an excuse to say I'm allergic to nuts, when really I just don't like them.
9. She makes incredible homemade bread! It's so good. Really.
10. She always makes me try new food, even when they look gross.
11. She never judges me for how much coffee I drink.
12. She never judges.
13. She takes a really long time making decisions because she is thorough and thoughtful, and she always makes the right decision.
14. She makes for a great big sister. Best one I've ever had.
15. She gets excited when other people are excited and it makes them feel special.
16. She notices the small stuff.
17. She loves fun holidays (Happy National Chocolate Caramel Day!).
18. She has a strong affinity for dance parties.
19. She loves pretty things.
20. This year at Christmas, she helped me make butterscotch pots de creme when I was failing hard core. She saved my dessert so that I could be happy about it. And it was so good.
21. She is always positive and happy. Always. You know those people who you're like, oh yeah they're always positive no matter what?  Well, Stephanie wrote the manual on that.
22. She makes you feel special.
23. She thinks I'm funny.  She's the only one who thinks I'm funny. She's easy to make laugh.
24. Her hair always [always] looks good. Even when she thinks it doesn't look good, it looks good.
25. She's the best role model I could have.

Happy birthday, Seester.  I'm so glad you were born.

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