Friday Musings 3.16.12


Do you remember sitting down on Friday nights from 8pm-10pm to watch your favorite shows that came on for those blissful two hours at the end of each week? Where you could forget your own worries, because there were other school bullies, budding romances, and hilarious comedies on TV to distract you? Oh yes, my friends, I'm talking about ABC's friday night series TGIF.

It may have lasted from 1989-2000, but it has made a lasting impression on children of the 90's.  Here are some fun flashbacks for you:

How about the star-crossed lovers, Tapanga and Corey Matthews? (Did Mr. Feeney really know everything? I wonder how often the actor is identified as "Mr. Feeney" rather than his own real person...)

Everything is better with a talking cat and witch portal closet.  Yes, Sabrina, I'm talking about you.

For some reason, I sometimes get the Step By Step title song stuck in my head... but I don't remember much about the show.  That song is just so catchy...

Full House! DJ totally epitomized the coolness of having two letters as a name.  And John Stamos.  So dreamy.  Such great hair.

Let's zoom in on Uncle Jesse:

Like I said, dreamy.

Oh gosh... I totally forgot about Teen Angel- the one where the boy eats a really really old burger and obviously dies from it? Then tags along in another teen boy's life as a guardian angel.  Might I add that although he had to deal with classic guardian angel rules (invisible to most except his "person"), he dressed himself in clothes and makeup to be visible to humans just to make out with some girl? Classic. To get your Friday started out right... why not watch it for yourself? What would life be without the glory of YouTube to bring us back to the great shows of the 90's?

Have fun going on a video rampage of your old favorite 90's shows today.  You're welcome :)

p.s. Check out this fun list of reasons why Uncle Jesse was a hipster!

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