You guys, we have been totally sucky lately.  Between looming thesis deadlines happening so soon that it sends me into an insta-panic attack whenever I think about it, my last a cappella concert tomorrow, and all-around insanity that happens this time of the year (seriously, can't we just hibernate through the return of almost-spring?) - well, it's pressure time.  And we are both feeling it.

But good news: my new a cappella CD comes out tomorrow!  This has been my biggest project of the week - running around getting this thing ready to go.  It's not easy to release a CD.  I've been finalizing track mixing and order, approving the artwork, and listening to the master over and over to check for any pops or tweaks that need to be fixed.  This is the master! Woooo!!  And tomorrow is my last concert - how sad.  If you're in Ann Arbor tomorrow, you should come to my concert!

This is the Compulsive Lyres' third album.  Check out our website in a few days if you're interested!  

This weekend is going to be super fun though - it's a Sister/Ryan visit weekend!  We will be up to lots of shenanigans (aka lots of food and wine consumption) that we desperately need.  Can't wait :)

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