Lauren's back!

It's me again! Back from a crazy awesome week in Honduras.  I had a huge adventure in the rural mountains, working at an elementary school, witnessing my first live birth, and getting a crash course in public health.  This is what my front yard actually looked like: 

Not too shabby, eh?  It was so beautiful and I was wishing the whole time I had my big camera because my crappy point-and-shoot doesn't do it any justice. 

As awesome of a week as I had, I sure am thrilled to be back to running water.  Oh, and not to mention being free of the worry of cockroaches.  Eek!!  But I had a wonderful host family, met great new friends, and had invaluable experiences. 

Now it's time for L week while S is on vaca in Chicago!  We're going to have some fun this week.  

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  1. Love your photos! Your trip sounds like it was really cool experience!