Thesis Daydreams

Lately, both S and L are stuck in thesis-writing mode for hours upon hours, day after day.  We are thinking of nothing but science, statistics, and abstracts.  Except for the moments when we are about to go crazy with all that thinking.  Then, back to the retail distraction! I've been counting down the days until our Mediterranean cruise to keep my motivation up and spirits high.  Part of that includes daydreaming about the clothes and accessories I want to bring along to look chic and comfortable as we explore Italy, Greece, and Turkey.  Here are a few things I'm loving now from Anthropologie and Dooney & Burke!

The dress above looks so breezy and simple- it is clean and modest, but definitely with a fun and flattering twist.  I'd imagine it for afternoons meandering the ship, or shopping in newly discovered European cities.

I'm dying for this blouse! Doesn't it look awesome for a day of walking around Rome, photographing the sights? I can't help but think about eating a coffee and chocolate gelato in it on the side of the cobblestone roads :)

This dress is called a "Parisian Halter."  Though we won't be visiting Paris on this trip, I think the dress is still perfect! It has me craving walking the seaside in Greece, ogling the deep blue waters.  It definitely is the type of dress that begs for a floppy hat.

My current shoe crush.  Aren't they fun? Nice fun colors, but can manage to be quite neutral if you want.  They are sleek and fashionable, while having a twist.  Flats are a must for traveling.  Walking around European cities in style is pretty mandatory too!

I absolutely adore this Dooney and Burke duffle bag.  The leather looks gorgeous, and I am a huge fan of the color.  It looks big enough to hold quite a few shoes too... just what I need!

We are going to Italy after all... of course a wine bag would be a huge bonus! This fun little number looks like a business-worthy satchel, but fits 2 bottles of your favorite vino.  I'm in love :) I think we might have to bring this along to smuggle some goodies back with us...

Hope your week is going well! It's Thursday... just one more day until the St. Patrick's Day weekend!

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  1. Cute picks! Love the blouse and the D&B duffle! So fun!!