Project Apartment: Wall Inspiration

How awesome are these wall decals from Blik?  They've got my head spinning from all the fun options for Project Apartment.  And if none of their fun designs make your heart flutter, you can customize your own!  Oh, the options.  These ones struck me as particularly fun and/or adorable:

Picture perfect happiness: Cafe Light (Blik)

My favorite: Fishwall (Blik)

What do you think?  Includable in my new place??  For more inspiration, check out their lookbook.


  1. Cool idea. Love to see it in your appartment!
    By the way, Where is your appartment going to be?

  2. Oh, And I like the bicycle wheel one best.
    Serrotta ought to have wheel colors like that!
    Also, decals are easier for Dads to move that heavy art work.