Happy Birthday L!

We interrupt our normal Friday Musings series to bring you a very important message:

It's Lauren's 22nd birthday! She is officially entering her second palindrome year.  What a lucky girl.

Actually, we are the lucky ones, since she brings so much joy into the lives of all around her.  She's pretty spectacular: funny (at least I think so...), warm-hearted, energetic, logical, productive, easily distracted by funny sitcoms, easily distracted by anything chocolate, so so successful (submitting and honors thesis in not one, but TWO departments!), and just crazy enough to be fun :)

One thing that continues to amaze me is her ability to drop anything, anytime for people she cares about.  Anytime I need to chat, or cry over gmail vidchat, she is ready with the right things to say.  She never asks you to hold on until she's finished with something, never minds being late if it is so that she can be there when you need her.  There's nothing that can keep her from being the most loyal person.

So, happy birthday L! I hope 22 brings you everything you could hope for!

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