It's peplum time! What a funny little concept, with a funny name (try saying "peplum" 10 times fast).  But bloggers are really making me feel particularly drawn to the trend.  I think I like it so much because when used as top detail, it's like a fun twist on a more basic tee.  And anything peplum on the bottom is an insta-statement. 

This Time Tomorrow pulls peplum off effortlessly, and I want those pants. So. Bad. But they're sold out in my size :(  

I felt happy when I saw Sterling Style rockin' out the same peplum number I just recently picked up from H&M, but in the white version.  It's like peplum funfetti! 

Atlantic-Pacific turned peplum upside-down with her daring peplum maxi, taking the peplum cake.  If only my everyday allowed me to wear something like this.  Damn.  

Want in?  I'm all pro-peplum.  Pick a versatile piece like this, be daring with this, or make me jealous with my current crush. A tiny part of me is worried that this might become one of those trends we look back on 25 years from now all what-were-we-thinking, but I think shoes along the lines of these or these will easily trump.

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